2017 April Xmas in Zucualpan

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2017 April Xmas in Zucualpan


Thought that I would share being able to bring an April Xmas to the firefighters in Zucualpan on our trip last month.

When Glenn and I met the 9 volunteer firefighters(including the Chief) last November they told us that many people had come through making promises but then never came back. They literally have nothing so this was very hard to hear. When we asked what was on their top list of needs, at the very top was protective bee gear as it is a big problem in that area. Imagined being called repeatedly to deal with swarms and you have nothing to protect you.

Knowing that our next shipment would not get there until this coming November, I wanted to bring something with us last month to show these amazing people that there are people who do care and do fulfill promises.

Beemaid Honey, in Edmonton, gave us 4 brand new complete head to toe protective suits (for less than cost) which we brought down with 2 sets of fire duty gear and a CFD baseball hat for each of them. They were told that we were coming to see them but not told that we had anything.

Just the joy on their faces and hugs (man can they hug) from us just showing up was enough to melt your heart. When they saw what we had brought, there were lots of happy tears and they said that they would do their job better because they now do believe that there are people that care about them. It was pretty hillarious just watching them try to help each other put gear on, as this was a first. : )

Moments like that, in the tiny chicken coop firehall in Zucualpan, are ones that will live forever in our hearts.

Enjoy the pics and Happy Easter!!