2018 Equipment Shipment

The Amazing Angels for Mexico Doing Amazing Work

June 2018 Shipment Arrival In Guyabitos

We are thrilled to say that another of our shipment arrived at the Guayabitos Firehall on June 18th. In it was a huge number of sets of fire duty gear, helmets, hoses, extracation equipment, spine boards and lots of other much needed items. This shipment was shared between Guayabitos, San Blass and Zucualpan. All in desperate need of support of this kind. I was there last week looking for a playground site for our November build. At my final meeting that trip, I met with Firefighters from the 3 areas. The Paramedic from Guayabitos, Arturo, promised the volunteers from Zucualpan that he would come and give them some basic First Aid training – they have had none. He kept his promise and went there a few days ago. As you can see in the photos, they are paying very close attention to the training they received. One of the things that our Board members love is the ripple effect of what we do. Arturos’ actions are one of those wonderful ripple effects .It really does not take much to make a difference in the world around us. Happy Summer!!! Christena P.S. Found a perfect spot to build our playground in Lima de Abajo and we have a team of 28 eager and amazing volunteers ready to hop on a plane in November to build another “Disneyland” for the children in that village.