2018 Playground Build

The Amazing Angels for Mexico Doing Amazing Work

November 2018 Lima De Abajo Playground Build

Opening Ceremonies


Every year I think that there is no possible way that our volunteers and the community members, from our build site, can possible outdo what was done the year previously. And every year, they prove me wrong!!! But I really do think I am right this year.

A group of 25 spectacular volunteers got on a plane on November 10th and hit the build site the following morning with energy and enthusiasm that should be bottled and stored. Some of the locals were already there waiting for us, eager to be a part of the Angels for Mexico team and so grateful for our presence. It truly is something remarkable to experience when you see an abandoned, empty lot become a magical Mexican Disneyland in a matter of 4 days. As you can see from the pictures, this playground is truly a thing of beauty and brings such joy to the families of Lima de Abajo. The smiles on the faces of the children say it all. As always, friendships were formed between the locals and the volunteers without the sharing of the same verbal language. Smiles and hugs can be much better communicators.

To our volunteers, Dave, Nancy, Dean, Jaime, Mike, Randy, Lori, Harriet, Tanya, Darcy, Rod, Lee, Caitlin, Mark, Shannon, Kevin, Norma, Dan, Peter, Palle, Wanda Lee, Laureen, Joel and Laren, I would like to offer a huge and heartfelt thanks for being so amazing and bringing such joy to this little town.

Off to search for this Fall’s playground site next month – always a fun and exciting journey.