Mexican Firefighters, Bomberos, Come To Calgary For Training

We are very excited about a new program that we are able to have thanks to the generosity of the Calgary Fire Department. Last June, Chief Adrian Bobadilla of the Puerto Vallarta Fire Department, travelled here to Calgary to meet with our Chief Dongworth and his Deputy Chiefs. One of the requests he made was for Bomberos to be able to come here and receive training. The training they do receive is basic and additional training has to be paid out of their own pockets. Hard to do when the average Mexican firefighter receives $600/month for salary.

The Calgary Fire Department, who has always been very supportive of Angels for Mexicos efforts, very graciously offered to give a free week of training. The modules covered will apply as closely to the needs and situations the Bomberos experience daily doing their jobs in Mexico. Those who are brought up here for the training will come from a number of areas across Mexico and return to teach their fellow firefighters what they have learned. This is very exciting for them.

Angels for Mexico will pay for the flights, lodging and meals to allow this program to happen. I met with 8 Bomberos last March that will be coming here. To say they were excited would be a huge understatement – 5 of them have never been on a plane!! Their thirst for training and knowledge, to help them to be the best they can at their jobs, is very tangible.

This program was supposed to start at the end of this month but, due to the pandemic, will have to wait until things get a little more stable in the world. Although unfortunate, it will allow us to attempt to get more Bomberos sponsored to become a part of this very exciting and valuable project. If you are interested in donating towards this program, please contact me. I will be happy to answer any other questions you may have.

Stay safe and healthy,

Mascota Bomberos do some training with equipment donated by Angels for Mexico