2021 AFM Forms Partnership With Peace And PMHF

The Amazing Angels for Mexico Doing Amazing Work

2021 AFM Forms Partnership With Peace And PMHF

In September of 2021, Angels for Mexico was very proud to set a partnership with 2 very amazing projects happening in Punta de Mita – not far from Puerto Vallarta.

PEACE is building 3 school campuses – primary, secondary and high school – where Mexican children will be taught English.  This is a huge gift to these children and their families.  Being able to speak English gives a big advantage when looking for employment but most Mexican families can not afford to pay the cost of sending their children to an English speaking school.  They are also going to be offering college scholarships to top achievers. Just an outstanding project.

The Punta de Mita Hospital Project has built a state of the art facility with the best in every type of medical specialist and equipment.  Mexican families have access to care that  they would not have at any other hospital.  They continue to grow and bring in the latest technology and training for their team.  An absolutely top notch staff who truly care about their patients.

The members of these 2 groups have already supported Angels for Mexico in a number of our projects.  We all see and appreciate the value of what our working together does for the improvement of Mexican families.  Our end goal.