2019 Playground Build El Monteon

The Amazing Angels for Mexico Doing Amazing Work

2019 Playground Build El Monteon

On November 7th, another group of 25 amazing volunteers from Alberta and Ontario arrived in Guayabitos. The next morning they hit the ground running in the small village of El Monteon – about 10 minutes south of Guayabitos. Some of the local residents were at the site eagerly awaiting our arrival. They had the land perfectly prepared for us and had huge smiles of gratitude for the gift their village was being given.

The build usually takes a full 4 days to complete – important the volunteers get a little time to relax. This year they had it done in 3!!!! They give 200% every minute they are onsite and work together so well. Amazing!! We may have to start building 2 playgrounds just to keep them busy. : )

The opening ceremony, as always, is what each of us plays our part for. When we pull up in our bus to see the children (and parents) looking so joyful and beyond excited, it just warms your heart. The screams of happiness and laughter from the kids after the ribbon is cut is a memory you carry forever. As our bus pulled away, all of the children were standing by the fence waving Adios and shouting Muchos Gracias. There were a few teary eyes on the bus.

To all of our volunteers this year :Randy, Lori, Frank, Darren Jennifer, Rod, Dean, Gabriela, Nancy, Dave, Norma, Dan, Susana, Victor, Mindaugas, Harriet, Tanya, Mark, Wanda Lee, Palle, Darcy, Mel, Mike and Wendy, a huge thank you for your hard work and huge hearts.

Happy Holidays to all and may 2020 bring many blessings.